12 Week Transformation Program


What is our program about?

Our program is design to give you maximum, sustainable results over a 12 week period.  

  • Flexi diet with option to macro track
  • Gym based training programs (you choose how many days you want to train)
  • Cardio fit your lifestyle

Phase 1

Month 1 you should start to feel better after implementing changes and get used to a new way of eating. Most people see huge results in month 1 as your body drops excess water and really begins to respond to the new training style 

Phase 2

Month 2 is about revising the diet plan ensuring you are getting the results you want and the training plan is working for you. Its important you are able to fit things into your life and adjust the program to work for you

Phase 3

During month 3 we really start to lay down habits and hopefully pick up nutrition skills to move forward with. We do not view our transformation as a crash diet but a lifestyle change. By the end of the 12 week program you should feel better, look better with an improved body composition. Many of our transformation members choose to continue training with us after the 12 weeks is up. 

How much weight can I expect to loose?

Scale weight is not the only indicator of progress however depending on the person you can see anywhere from 5-15lb loss over the 12 weeks, we aim to loose 1lb a week in a healthy sustainable way.

You should see changes in measurements, our clients waist lines often come in by 1-4 inches. 

What is included

- Online Training - new plan every 4 weeks 

- Flexi Nutrition plan with option to macro track

-    Check in via email every other week

- Members only website 

- Supplementation recommendations 

- Access to a variety of discounts on supplements

- Closed Facebook group for team members to support each other and share progress. We also have a support group for members with eating disorders or relationships with food and a Food & recipe page to sharing ideas with each other. 


Ready to get started?

If you are interested in signing up to our 12 week program, it costs just £200 upfront or £65 pcm via direct debit (plus £50 one off membership fee)

You can use the link below to make a one off payment to get started.  Please note this is not a direct debit so you don’t have to worry about us taking funds from your account once the 12 weeks has expired

Alternatively , if you would like to discuss membership please email info@showgirlfitness.com