Fitness Testing

Why Fitness Test?


We believe that knowledge is power. With more information about you, we can tailor your training and nutrition plans to be suit your body and genetic. 

Blood Testing


We recommend regular blood testing to check basic morphology, organ function and hormones.  Blood testing can often solve many problems related to weight loss or other issues

Biomechanics Screening & Postural Assessment


We feel it is important to understand how your body works, we recommend seeing our team Sports Therapist, Lisa Marie Graham for a biomechanics screening and postural assessment.  We can also assess for pre disposition to injury and muscle weakness and imbalances.

DNA Testing


Our certified DNA expert Natasha Arkley offers DNA testing via DNAfit.  Natasha is a qualified Personal Trainer, DNAFit Professional and holds a Bsc in Genetics. Fitness DNA testing can give us an indication of the way your body works including how you metabolise carbohydrates, fats and proteins; so we can better tailor your diet,  and what type of training gets a better response.