Showgirl Fitness has huge success helping ‘normal’ women achieve their potential and reach their goals, whether this is weight loss, build muscle, look like a fitness model or just be the best of themselves.  We have a large number of members training for a non competitive goal such as holiday or wedding.  Many individuals like the look of a competitor or fitness model but do not want to get on stage, if this is you then join our Shape team.  

Be the best of you


Wedding, holiday or event


Looking forward to a wedding, holiday or event and would like to feel confident in your dress or bikini then our transformation program is for you

Gain confidence


Body image shouldn’t be something that gets you down.  Investing in you, your health and the way you look can really boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself 

Lose fat & shape up


If you want to loose fat and shape up then our transformations can help you create the best version of you in a sustainable way. We run a flexible diet so you can choose the foods you like and do not have to eat the foods you don’t.

Get into shape post pregnancy


If you want to regain your  ‘normal’ or better then we can help you post pregnancy. Having children does not need to ruin your body, it might be different but its possible to be even better 

12 Week Transformation Program

If you are interested in your own transformation, why not sign up to our 12 Week Transformation Program.