Why Choose Showgirl Fitness

Why join us?


Showgirl Fitness has been running since 2012.  Founder Michelle Brannan has over 10 years competition prep experience. Our methods are tried and tested and work long term. We have trained more than 1000 women and know how the female body responds. 


Showgirl Fitness has helped women win 1000+ top 6 places in competition.  We have also helped hundreds of women take control of their eating, loose weight and gain confidence in the gym. 

Team Training

We run monthly team posing sessions for the Competition team (standard membership +) 

Empowering Women

We specialise in empowering women through fitness on and off stage. We believe weight training makes strong women mentally and physically.  Shaping your body gives you belief and power in yourself, we believe that taking control and responsibility over oneself is a privileged  and empowering process. 

Fitness for Life

Looking and feeling good is for life not just for stage. We believe in goal setting and competing may be one of them but we also feel the it’s important to feel your best when off stage too. For this reason we do not do extreme bulks and cutting.  We believe in reverse dieting and a flexible approach to diet to  regain normality post competition.  We also teach our members how to eat for everyday life giving options with a Flexi diet list and explanations rather than trying to bamboozle with exact ‘guru’ diets that you MUST follow. 

We care about health

Michelle has been competing for almost 10 years, at 37 and a mother of one child, health and longevity are important to Showgirl Fitness. We do not advocate dangerous health comprising extreme diets. We also recommend all our members undertake yearly health MOT’s via blood profiling. 

We believe is sustainable healthy maintainable fat loss. 

Join us

If you are interested in becoming a member of Showgirl Fitness or have any questions please get in touch